Today is a good day to die ;o)

(or dramatic opening gambit to that effect)

I’ve had this blog ready to go for several months now, but being the lazzzy arse motherfucker that I am, I’ve been putting it off. and off. and off.  But today is a) pissing it down with rain (yeah, joop, always prancing around in the sun, not just sat at the box wanking or buying records) and b) a very good day for receiving great music, so therefore c) a good day to die.  Just ask Fats Waller*

So I’m expecting this parcel from Piccadilly Records, and instead I get not one, but two surprises:  The first one is a vine of 6 (SIX!) Can bootleg DVD’s from the Can trading group.  I now own 6 (SIX!!!) DVD’s of unreleased Can audio. Fucking fucking fuuuuck! I’m going to actually die of excitement. Wonder if I’ll ever listen to it?

The second surprise was the Golf Channel re-recording / re-edit of – embarrassingly – a Can-related track. It’s called No-Name 2009 and you should just buy the 12″ now. I would post it up here, but basically if the phrase “Can-related” has you lathering, just buy the fucking thing. It’s not Can-related in a Holger’s Techno CD or Another Bloody Damo Suzuki Live Album kind of way, but Can-related in the same way that ‘Masimbabele’ is Can-related, i.e. it’s hypnotic, sexy, funky, seductive, magickal, and doesn’t really feature any “proper” members of Can.   I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting on that one (“artwork problems” according to The Man at Golf Channel – HA! What’s the opposite of an oxymoron?),  and am not disappointed, it’s got The Thing written all over it, in exactly the same way as Golf Channel’s 2008 release ‘Holy Jungle’ by Ghost Note did. Unearthly sounds.

Dominik Von Senger NO NAME 2009
i highly recommend you click this picture

At the same time I also received a pair of THING-tastic 12″s from Juno – the first – ‘Mind Dimension’ by Tiga seems to have become this summers youtube party smash amongst my group of friends. So we’re 2 years late, who gives? It scores several points on the THING-o-meter until the Concréte vocal cuts in, where the THING-o-meter bell rings, double rainbow, all the way.

EVERYBODY; “Mind Dimension Mind Dimension Mind Dimension Mind Dimension Mind Dimension Mind Dimension Mind Dimension Mind Dimension Mind Dimension Mind Dimension Mind Dimension Mind Dimension Mind Dimension” etc etc etc

The second item was the first ‘Dodecalogue’ 12″ by Rob.  Such an unassuming name for an artist making a series of 12 twelve-inches “dedicated to studying the Gospels and the apostles.” I have wanted this record for a while, but refused to buy it in case of ending up like my dear friend Falko in Berlin and getting completist on Rob’s ass. And of course Rob makes it easy to get completist on his ass;   “Join me for a deep, modern, musical and mystical exegesis. Free from classic liturgy, I am embarking upon a tender and chaotic and wandering journey into time immemorial.  In order to make this somewhat easy for you, Institubes and I thought you would like to subscribe to the series“.   Obviously he likes his ass complete.  Flogging twelves is hard these days.

But Holy YES, this is amazing stuff – hideous modern electronic prog with religious overtones, Cluster-esque drum machines, A Mountain Of One style mellotron sunshine streaming through the clouds, all ooohs and aaaahhs.  I don’t really have the vocabulary for this – not too much upstairs on the prog front, but how about early Goblin if they were about angels instead of demons?  Beautiful and emotive and trés français, as my friend Del Boy says. Back in Berlin my other friend Falko hates the French for some reason,  and still he’s been collecting the full set.  Although you can get these releases much cheaper as individual 12″s, but without the box and the Birthday Gift (?!?!), make Rob’s ass completely happy HERE.

*According to the late, and truly great, Kurt Vonnegut jr,  whenever Fats was hammering away at his piano and it was really swimming, he use to yell “SOMEBODY KILL ME!”, in order that he could die happy, in the light of THE THING.

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