THE SENTENCE. A book by Alistair Fruish

My review written immediately after the initial reading of this crucial – and still unpublished – masterpiece of literature – A single sentence of 40, 000 monosyllabic words detailing a dystopian prison sentence of the not too distant future and transporting it’s readers into the present, the eternal NOW

what to write when words seem no use post your book as all words there that burn an’ sear on to the brain an heart leave a trace too large fer all that comes next to say their piece so with a smile and for my brain i tried Higgs words as well on all on the years of strange an that too did the trick of mind we need now for my hope comes big but I read it on my own so not left a mark the same way as yours as i try and sleep and can’t and think of all of us as we take turns at Kate’s where i sit on a plank my shins on fire to stop the sleep as the chap that wrote this great great work sees it all new as each brings a new face to what he said like Ben brings depth an’ soul an’ Jacqs is full of the moon and fire a’ love as too the child of Ken’s they fierce and burn an’ Rap he takes it slow finds fun in each next word and makes us laugh at things we else might not see an’  Mel all feel she fills our hearts with joy and sad and POW the word love hits our ears and stops our hearts for one brief joy an’ back to mind now comes Higgs as he talks not of one whole and top down but all of us from side to side and each a face and each a view and all of it joins to all of it and each sees the whole and each shares their side and each with a voice and in the end all of us made strong like a bunch of twigs all of us in the spire as we need to set free our mind forge chains and fight for all those in our world all sons and wives and dogs and fish and trees and OUR mum as we wait for an out that soon comes but not soon as we would like whilst a Fart lets free in that House of White and we wait and we wait and we wait and we plan and we wait and we make and we wait and we hush and we loud and we play and we dance and we laugh and we wait and we make and we wait and we wait we wait in the dark and we look at the light and we find the else folk and we build big daft clocks that are stop but tell the right time all day long as the time is NOW as we wait and we wait and we wait an’ we burn our quids an’ we do what we do and we wait and we wait and we wait and this new book is fer sure a big part of our new world’s rise to life and soon come soon come soon come LOVE full stop we WIN and that game ends and we head for the pub with cheer

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