SEEKERS: Here begins the reclamation of the word “Muppet”

How is this become an insult? 

Muppets are anarchic, smart, hip, sexy, wild, creative, loving, insanely and intensely funny, and gnow the cosmic joke to their souls (*hands) 

The Muppets transcend age, race, creed and all other isms – did you know that in the middle east there are two characters on Sesame Street that are a Jew and a Palestinian and they are next door neighbours and really good friends? 

It’s TIME to reclaim our essential Muppet nature, seekers. 

It’s TIME to tell the world that there is a difference between Muppets and puppets – a puppet will sing at it’s master’s pleasure completely unaware of the power behind it’s behind and will accuse YOU of being a Muppet because you dare to already know that the whole world has it’s fist up your arse, and are happy to Do The Dance anyway.

It’s TIME to tell the world that you are a Muppet and dang proud of it because the Muppets are one of the all-time placeholders of joy in this messy roustabout we call L I F E

It’s TIME to put on make up, it’s time to light the lights – Just ask my beautiful beautiful friend Kermit, the nigger. He can testify that it’s not easy being green, and it’s even less easy being brown. Life just is not easy being anything, but MUPPETS ARE HERE TO HELP, all they ask is your laughter.


GODDESS BLESS JIM HENSON XX xxx ALL HAIL CONCORDIA, AND HER SISTER. I hear she’s fun at parties, invite her, and her friends the MUPPETS!  Now also known as the GRUMMITS!

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